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If you’re an online business (or an offline business looking to take advantage of the infinite possibilities available on the internet) that is catering to an Australian audience, you need to think in terms of Australian SEO.

Australian SEOWhile the search engine optimisation rules themselves aren’t necessarily different based on the country your target customer is in, the audience is different and searches differently.

Google and other search engines aim to bring people local and relevant results, and if you want to get seen by people in your target demographic and target country, you’ll need to make sure that Google understands who you want to appeal to.

By thinking in terms of Australian search engine optimisation, you’re going to increase the chances of doing well for an Aussie audience. Here are some tips to help you appeal to search engines who can send you traffic… bucket loads of free targeted traffic in fact!

Research Locally

Broad keyword searches aren’t enough. You need to research your keywords locally so you know what words and phrases in your industry, Australians are searching for. Consider dealing with a local search engine optimisation services company that understands your market. A local Australian SEO company will have a good understanding of the market place and the techniques for ranking well locally.

Local search engine optimisation techniques will include appealing to people locally. Regardless of what type of business you’re in, people in your local geographical area will have a greater chance of finding your company if you write and market based on their specific needs.

A big aspect of online success comes from creating a positive customer experience. Instead of simply using generic web tools, look to utilise web tools that let you search based on Australian parameters. When looking at Google, for instance, you’re best to look at Google Australia, instead of just

Competitive Analysis

Analysing your competition is one of the most important steps in terms of knowing how to appeal to your local customers. New York competition in a specific industry will differ from Sydney’s competition in that same field. Sydney’s competition will differ from Auckland competition.

If you are a local business, people in a 5 km radius need to be pointed to your website and local search engine optimisation tactics will help ensure that your site is what those surfers see listed as highly relevant to their search. By analysing your competitors you’ll also be sure that you can appeal to that surfer over the other top 5 Google results.

Simply put, Australian SEO techniques work for Aussie businesses. When you organise and orchestrate an SEO campaign that’s based on market knowledge, local SEO techniques, and proven marketing strategies, you increase the chance of generating the targeted traffic you desire.

Many business owners simply don’t have time to learn how to optimise their websites, or to put SEO strategies in place. If you’re one of these people and would prefer to leave the hard work to the experts, you may like to take a look at how SEO Australia can help your Aussie business achieve top Google rankings.

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  1. SEO is a very important technique for getting more traffic for a website or a blog. In today’s world every thing is searched on Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.
    So you have to learn SEO for success.

  2. Great advice as SEO is always top of mind. I’m wandering, is it true that when you analyse your own website for SEO on say Google, they recognise that you are logging in (again) from the same address so that you don’t actually get a true reflection of where you rank?

    If so, is there a tool that can show where your website ranks that takes me (i.e. the fact that I have logged on/off zillions of time) out of the equation?

    • Sean Rasmussen says:

      Hi Julie, yes, you’re spot on. Google personalised search results does make it difficult to get a true reflection of where you are ranking. Market Samurai software is quite good for getting true results, they have a rank tracker that will give you accurate results and graph your results over time. Another thing you can try, is to use a proxy server when searching your rankings 😉